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By Hayden Jennings
Lincoln Schools 

Coronavirus pandemic In Lincoln Public Schools


October 1, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted so many lives in the world

Since early 2020, the new worldwide pandemic has increased caution for all businesses, schools and even households.

Behind the closed doors of Lincoln Public Schools, the teachers have done an excellent job on improvising in this very abnormal situation. So, let us give some credit to our district for caring so deeply about the student's education and future. Some of the policies have changed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Anyone entering the building must have a face covering or mask covering both their nose and mouth, they must put on hand sanitizer and they must have their temperature checked for a fever.

The staff have the option to enter the building as early as 7 a.m. On the other hand, due to this pandemic, students must enter the building as early as 7:40 in the morning. Once you enter the building, you must keep a distance of six-feet and have your mask on while roaming the halls or out of your designated seats in class. Once you are seated in your classroom, you may safely remove your face covering.

The seats and desks in the classroom must be kept at a distance of six-feet, which minimizes the amount of students, but keeps the current students safe from any potential threat from the virus.

Our school is doing the best they can to protect their students, teachers and relatives of students and teachers. They are doing a very good job. They are following all CDC protocols, and are adding just a little bit of their own policies to ensure the safety of everyone.


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