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  • Lincoln School update

    Hayden jennings, Lincoln School|Updated Mar 31, 2021

    Our Lincoln school has suffered a lot through this pandemic. It hit out of nowhere and got our school pretty hard. Thanks to staff and faculty along with parents and students, we now have a long-lasting system for this long-lasting virus. Though students do not like these guidelines, they cooperate out of respect for our teachers and our school in all. This week's update with Lincoln school starts with behavior. Since the start of this school year, students, and even teachers,...

  • Lincoln Schools update

    Hayden Jennings|Updated Nov 10, 2020

    This week is the start of the new quarter for Lincoln High-School. Thursday, Nov. 5 was Parent-Teacher conferences, from 4:30-7:30 p.m. Thanksgiving break starts on Nov. 25 and runs through Nov. 26, which is a ways away but it is good to prepare for a fun winter vacation. It is a duration of five days off, including the standard three day weekend. High-School Volleyball is officially over and will start the new Basketball season sometime in the near future. The season did,...

  • Lincoln Schools update

    Hayden Jennings, Lincoln Schools|Updated Oct 27, 2020

    As you all know, the Lincoln School was shut down due to coronavirus exposure. We were remote learning for two day's from Tuesday to Wednesday. As of October 19th, the school is up and running and will hopefully stay that way. As for the coronavirus in general, Fox news stated Oct. 20 there is a common toiletry item you might use to deactivate the virus. Mouthwash is apparently rumored to be the antidote, scientists say. So that means to stock up. Red Ribbon week is also just...

  • Lincoln Schools update: The return of Zero Zeros

    Hayden Jennings, Lincoln Schools|Updated Oct 14, 2020

    Today's update for the Lincoln Public Schools actually does not concern COVID-19. It has most to do with rules and policies coming back to life, such as today's topic: Zero Zeros. Zero Zeros was a big deal for the school in the past, but was taken down due to POUNCE grants. Now, Zero Zeros is back up in running, and has been enforced starting Monday, Oct. 5. If any of you don't know what Zero Zeros is, it is an after school program for students who have missing work/tests,...

  • Coronavirus pandemic In Lincoln Public Schools

    Hayden Jennings, Lincoln Schools|Updated Sep 30, 2020

    The coronavirus pandemic has impacted so many lives in the world Since early 2020, the new worldwide pandemic has increased caution for all businesses, schools and even households. Behind the closed doors of Lincoln Public Schools, the teachers have done an excellent job on improvising in this very abnormal situation. So, let us give some credit to our district for caring so deeply about the student's education and future. Some of the policies have changed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Anyone entering the building must...

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