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By Hayden jennings
Lincoln School 

Lincoln School update


Last updated 3/31/2021 at 12:02pm

Lincoln Schools

Splashes of Joy: Kindergarteners made Easter cards for Splashes of Joy, an organization that provides gifts and services to those dealing with cancer or home bound with age or illness.

Our Lincoln school has suffered a lot through this pandemic. It hit out of nowhere and got our school pretty hard. Thanks to staff and faculty along with parents and students, we now have a long-lasting system for this long-lasting virus. Though students do not like these guidelines, they cooperate out of respect for our teachers and our school in all.

This week's update with Lincoln school starts with behavior. Since the start of this school year, students, and even teachers, have lost motivation due to the fact that their routine has been foiled, there are too many "regulations", and they have just lacked the will to do anything because, during shutdown everyone has gained sadness at some point. Stress, anxiety, depression. Those are just some factors why motivation and effort in our school have paused. To combat these issues, we gain the willpower to push through, and to not be afraid. Because the worst that can happen, is you get it. I personally had it for two weeks straight with Asthma, and I'm feeling great. Now, staying at home sucked because you will get bored quickly, but other than that, it honestly just felt like the flu. With vaccines now out, you don't have to worry. It will turn into another strain such as the flu that you get a shot for every year. Once everyone gets that there is no need to be afraid, they can accomplish anything.

Our school will do great things and will achieve every goal they set because no one can stop our spirit.



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