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  • Jack Hooker named to the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame

    Jean Pocha, Seeley-Swan Pathfinder|Updated Aug 31, 2022

    HELMVILLE - "Sitting around crackling campfires and hunting camp dinner tables listening to Jack Hooker tell stories of adventures was a great privilege I had during the years I worked at the Whitetail Ranch," said Rebecca Ondov. "His philosophy on life empowered him to train horses and mules not merely in an arena, where the fence draws a line as to how big the wreck can be, he trained them to be sound work animals in the high country of the wilderness, where the unexpected...

  • Roots and Shoots

    Jean Pocha|Updated Jun 2, 2021

    Well, the garden season is suddenly upon us. It's already June and our soil is finally dried out a bit from the rain and warmed up a bit from the snow. However, since we live in the mountains, we know that the temperatures drop quickly due to fluctuating air currents and clear nights. Gardeners often have a stash of old sheets and miscellaneous plastic to throw over our tender crops. But there's a product called Row Cover that is lightweight, allows sunlight and water through...

  • Roots and Shoots: Seedlings and Space

    Jean Pocha|Updated Apr 30, 2021

    As I was visiting with a young man from Illinois recently, the obvious difference between the open space in Montana vs. Illinois came up. He felt like there's much more opportunity for life here, with all the space. I had to agree. Then when I got home I began thinking about the connection to gardening. I still have a few tomato and pepper plants that need to be divided and put into their own pots. Plants have much more opportunity for abundant life and production when they...

  • Instant Spring

    Jean Pocha|Updated Mar 16, 2021

    Welcome to Instant Spring, Montana style. Although the sunny days are far from warming the soil, the snow is gradually sinking into the ground and it’s certainly warming my heart and energizing me for some planting. As I peer daily at the seed trays, waiting for that first peek of a green seedling, I am reminded at the wonder of a seed. I’m amazed at what a seed is, and what it does. Seeds are packages of dormant genetic material with spectacular capabilities - a miraculous design waiting to come alive. Henry David Tho...

  • Thoughts turn to gardening

    Jean Pocha, Contributing Writer|Updated Feb 23, 2021

    As the snow piles up and the wind chill goes down, my thoughts turn to gardening. Hi, I'm Jean Pocha and have been learning from our vegetable garden in Helmville for the past 30 years. This time of year I really want some fresh veggies and that spurs me to start planning the garden. With seeds ordered in December, I've got all the "basics". Now I'm getting the calendar out and deciding when I can plant things where, and what that means about when to start some seeds in the...