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  • Lincoln Community Garden to host seed exchange & educational program

    Tammy Jordan, Contributing Writer|Updated Mar 16, 2021

    The Lincoln Community Garden is sponsoring a seed exchange and educational programming event at 2 p.m. on Saturday, March 27 at Valler's Heritage House. The event is free and open to everyone in the community. Jean Pocha, from Ovando will be leading the seed exchange and discussing the basics of saving seeds. Jean has been gardening in the Blackfoot Valley for many years and is eager to share her knowledge with other gardeners in the area. Please bring seeds you have to trade...

  • Nature Pick: Buttercups and Bluebirds

    Kate Radford and Klara Varga|Updated Mar 16, 2021

    With sunshiny days and warm weather, it's difficult not to start thinking about spring. One of the first harbingers of spring in the Lincoln Valley is the sagebrush buttercup, or Ranunculus glaberrimus. Buttercups are one of the first flowers to bloom in the Rocky Mountain west and the flowers can be found locally by mid-to-late March. They prefer sunny damp slopes and, as the name suggests, are often found in sagebrush and grassland areas, particularly spaces with southern sl...

  • Last Call for Cakes

    Updated Mar 16, 2021

    The Ponderosa Snow Warriors hosted a wide range of events Saturday, including a club meeting and a free pancake breakfast at the clubhouse on Sucker Creek Road, and their annual Scholarship Fun Run. The event had sold 100 hands by about 11a.m. Although the snowmobile season will continue until snow melts or April 15, when the trails close, the day marked the final club event of a short but active season that didn't really get underway until early February. Snow Warriors...

  • Montana's Lonesome Highway

    Rick and Susie Graetz, University of Montana|Updated Mar 16, 2021

    From the center of the state at Lewistown, it is 262 miles to Sidney and just a few miles further to the Dakota line. At night you can drive 50 miles or more and never see another vehicle. Fly over it at after dark and you rarely notice a light. This far-flung portion of Hwy 200 traverses Montana's loneliest stretch of geography. But that is this huge swath of landscapes greatest asset. For what it lacks in civilization, it makes up for in the grandeur of the prairie and the...

  • Strategies to recession-proof your finances

    MCC|Updated Mar 16, 2021

    "Financial planning" is an umbrella term that can be applied to various aspects of money management. Many people associate financial planning with retirement. However, effective financial planning can help people confront today's challenges just as much as it can help them prepare for their golden years. The pandemic that spread across the globe throughout 2020 posed numerous challenges, including a recession sparked by widespread job loss and declines in economic activity. Th...

  • Instant Spring

    Jean Pocha|Updated Mar 16, 2021

    Welcome to Instant Spring, Montana style. Although the sunny days are far from warming the soil, the snow is gradually sinking into the ground and it’s certainly warming my heart and energizing me for some planting. As I peer daily at the seed trays, waiting for that first peek of a green seedling, I am reminded at the wonder of a seed. I’m amazed at what a seed is, and what it does. Seeds are packages of dormant genetic material with spectacular capabilities - a miraculous design waiting to come alive. Henry David Tho...

  • Coyote Coffee expands offerings

    Kater Radford, Contributing Writer|Updated Mar 16, 2021

    Coyote Coffee recently expanded their offerings to include baked goods, including some gluten free items. "We get asked all the time if we have pastries or breakfast sandwiches," said owner Kristin Birkholz, "so we started carrying those. We do quite a big variety of muffin tops and bagels. And then we have some breakfast sandwiches and breakfast cookies, and then we have some gluten free options." The items come prepackaged from Seattle's Favorite. "With my food license,...

  • Lincoln School Question of the Week

    Lincoln Public Schools|Updated Mar 16, 2021

    If you could give one gift to every single child in the world, what gift would you give? "I would give them all a prize and the prize would be a skateboard." - Ridge Bullis, Pre-K "I would give every kid a Godzilla and a Dinosaur." - Brody Nelson, Kindergarten "If I could give every child a gift, it would be gum because children like gum." - Mathew Brown, 1st Grade "It would be food and drinks. You need food and drinks, no pop! Only healthy. No candy...only healthy." -Trayce R...

  • School rebuffs funds raised from politically charged baseball caps, draws 'cancel culture' criticism

    Roger Dey, BVD|Updated Mar 16, 2021

    Lincoln Public School's response to the sale of politically-charged baseball caps last month has led to charges that cancel culture and political double standards are alive and well in Lincoln. Lincoln resident Steve Hartman leveled the accusations at the school after the administration - in response to his fundraising for the school by selling baseball caps critical of President Joe Biden - returned $1406 he had raised since 2019 to help buy an extra-large projector and...

  • Legislature kicks off second half with bills combating drug trafficking, limiting Gov.'s emergency powers and changes to public education

    Austin Amestoy, UM Legislative News Service UM School of Journalism|Updated Mar 16, 2021

    Lawmakers Hear Bill to Combat Drug, Sex Trafficking in Montana A bill drafted with the help of former Republican state Senator Dr. Al Olszewski would add a new set of signs to Montana's highways and airports greeting visitors with notice of a reward for information leading to the prosecution of drug and sex traffickers. Senate Bill 333, sponsored by Sen. Brad Molnar, R-Laurel, seeks to break down what Molnar called a "culture of trust" in drug and human trafficking circles by...

  • Temporary Weight limits in effect on Lincoln Streets

    Updated Mar 16, 2021

    Helena – Temporary weight restrictions will go into effect on certain County roads March 8. As frozen ground thaws, base gravel in the roadbed becomes saturated, causing surface break up and premature failure. In these conditions, fully loaded vehicles can cause severe road damage. The load limits for all restrictions are seven tons for single axles, 14 tons for tandem axles, or 350 pounds per inch width of tire. Temporary restrictions are in place for the following roads in the Lincoln Area: • B Street (At Stemple Pass Rd....

  • Somewhere in the Middle

    Tammy Jordan|Updated Mar 16, 2021

    People have often said that there are always two sides to a story. In actuality, there really are at least three sides to every story, especially in stories containing two people and some sort of disagreement. In my opinion, there is the side from one person’s perspective, the side from the other person’s perspective, and somewhere in the middle lies the closest version to the actual truth. Sometimes it helps to have this perspective, especially when you’re the one with a side...

  • Running the line between recreation and conservation

    Andi Bourne, Seeley Swan Pathfinder|Updated Mar 16, 2021

    Seeley Lake – Just after sunrise Saturday, Jan. 9, local wolf trapper Rob Henrekin fired up his snowmobile to check his trapline, something he has done every day since the wolf season opened Dec. 15. While he had seen tracks from a pair of wolves Dec. 24, he had not had a single visit to his 40 plus foothold traps. "It is such a rush everyday, even when I don't catch a wolf," said Henrekin. "If I'm just patient and everything is working, they will be back. Whether I catch t...

  • COVID Relief

    Roger Dey, BVD|Updated Mar 16, 2021

    Lewis and Clark Public Health lifted all COVID-19 restrictions - except the countywide masking mandate - Friday morning March 12 after the county fell below the triggering score established by the Lewis and Clark City-County Board of Health's COVID-19 Emergency Rules and Regulations adopted in December. The change removes restrictions on the number of people at an event, and limited operating hours and capacity limits at establishments such as restaurants and bars. "If you're... Full story

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