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  • Preserving a Tradition

    Laurie Welty, President, Lincoln Valley Chamber of Commerce|Updated Jun 14, 2022

    I was not at all surprised when results of the recent community survey showed overwhelmingly that Lincoln's annual Independence Day festivities were the favorite weekend/event(s) of the year. I was very surprised however to subsequently learn that a 20-year, full-time resident was unaware that our amazing annual fireworks display is and has always been sponsored (paid for) by the Lincoln Valley Chamber of Commerce. Our community's parade, rodeo and fireworks show is...

  • Opinion: If It's Not Broke, Don't Fix It

    Laurie Welty, Lincoln, Mont.|Updated Feb 17, 2021

    Critical Thinking is the OBJECTIVE analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgement. It is a core academic skill and arguably a core life skill as well. Unfortunately, critical thinking is too often replaced with emotional reasoning (cognitive distortion where a person concludes that their emotional reaction proves something is true, regardless of evidence proving otherwise). The current threat to our Supreme Court institution perfectly illustrates this kind of replacement thinking. Calls for ‘court p...

  • Guest Opinion: THREE kinds of persons

    Laurie Welty, Lincoln|Updated Sep 23, 2020

    After reading last week's guest opinion in BVD Viewpoints I felt compelled to share some of my own viewpoints along with a few facts...the first opinion being that its title should have read THREE kinds of persons under the Constitution. Karen Frank-Plumlee failed to mention the Labor Unions. The Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United (which is said to have fueled the rise of super PACS) also allowed equal footing for Labor Unions. Last I checked, Labor Unions are unable to v...

  • Optimist Raffle

    Laurie Welty|Updated Dec 17, 2019

    The Optimists Club held the raffle at Lincoln's very own Power House Gym. Jan Weaver won the large Christmas Stocking, which was filled to overflowing with many useful and fun new items for both kids and adults both. Cassie Brandenburger was very excited to win the beautifully crafted quilt created by Jesse Sallin...