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  • Opinion: ministers, politics and Trump

    Liz Cain|Updated Jan 3, 2019

    How can I express my opinion without starting a feud? Words matter, and they should be written and read carefully. I'm sorry Richard Debick did not understand my words in responding to Dave Carroll's Mountain Musings, so I will clarify here. Of course Mr. Carroll has a right to his opinions. I never said he did not, and I never said mine were more important than his. You missed the point, sir, and I have dozens of emails, notes, phone calls and folks grabbing me at the market...

  • Op/Ed: Distressed by Carroll's comments

    Liz Cain|Updated Oct 10, 2018

    I was deeply distressed by Dave Carroll's comments in his Mountain Musings column in the October 3 BVD. He begins with "all politics aside," and then proceeds to slam the Democrats for "abusing, degrading, and humiliating the family and person of Brett Kavanaugh." He must have missed the President of the United States doing those very things to Dr. Ford in a childish, shameful, untruthful rant that should make everyone cringe! Mr. Carroll didn't even mention Christine Ford...

  • Put on your dancing shoes

    Liz Cain, Lincoln for the Arts|Updated May 23, 2018

    Lincoln Council for the Arts invites you to the first of possibly several summer dances! On June 2 at the Community Hall we will present the live music of the Montana Country Comfort Band, a popular group that has been pleasing audiences for thirty-two years! The leader of the band, Joe Thompson, started his first band at the age of sixteen, has a master’s degree in music and can play most instruments, specializing in tenor sax, flute and guitar. Besides being talented instrumentalists, the band members are extraordinary v...