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  • A love note to Betty Lou

    Hope Quay, BVD|Updated Jan 3, 2019

    Any rancher will tell you that cows have no great respect for excuse or circumstance. In times of joy or grief, hardship or plenty, celebration or sadness, one aspect of ranch life remains universal – come hell or high water, the cows still need to be fed. Katie and Tel Menard are as familiar as any with this reality of ranching life. The grandchildren of local ranchers Gerald and Betty Lou Fleming, the adult siblings work together daily to winter 400-plus head of cattle n...

  • Guest Editorial: What makes a community

    Connie McAfferty|Updated Jan 3, 2019

    Some of the first towns in Montana were Virginia City, Helena and Ft. Benton. In the 1860's these small collections of huts, founded on natural resource extraction or river boat trade to support the gold fields, grew quickly. They evolved from settlements into camps and from camps into towns. The towns all had the same things in common in the early days: saloons, banks, doctors, newspapers, churches, law enforcement and schools. What makes a town? Real communities are not...

  • My Smart Mouth: Practical Jokes

    Updated Jan 3, 2019

    Anyone who’s grown up in a small town knows that entertainment is what you make of it. A quick perusal of the grass-roots histories of villages such as ours will reveal that most such communities boast an extensive history of shenanigans, pranks and practical jokes – many employing an astounding amount of creative genius and some ending in hilarity, others in fist-fight, triage or jail time - reaching back to the days of the pioneers and prospector. Before you or I were born, when the children rode to school on hor...

  • Feeding the haying crews

    Dick Geary|Updated Jan 3, 2019

    Tis not the meat, but 'tis the appetite Makes eating a delight. Of Thee, Kind Boy John Suckling 1609 - 1642 The haying crews were large during the years that the ranches put up loose hay. A normal team was eleven men on most places – some had more, others fewer. Many of the hired men came from Butte to escape the bad air of the mines for a couple months; some lived in towns nearby, and others had no homes that we knew of. I think a good number were hiding from abandoned famili...

  • Legislative Preview 2018: Early gun bills include proposals for schools, background checks

    Emily Schabacker and Eric Lindblad, Community News Service UM School of Journalism|Updated Jan 3, 2019

    Montana is home to more than 60 one-room schools, the most of any state. One, the single-room Hi-Line elementary school in Galata, relies on Shelby's police department for protection –but Shelby is 23 miles away. That's why Rep. Casey Knudsen, R-Malta, said he plans to support legislation this session that would allow school officials to carry concealed firearms. "I really see it as a benefit for our rural schools to have some kind of protection for students," Knudsen said. "...

  • Letter: A New City

    Updated Jan 3, 2019

    Travel to a New City Air Fare – Free Food and drinks – Free Luxurious accommodations – Free Destination: New Jerusalem No shoveling snow, no staying in out of the weather, no pollution, no rust, no decay, no thieves, no crime, no fear, no tears. Perfect in every way Time at Destination: Eternal For TRAVEL Restrictions go to the church of your choice and ask for details. All expenses paid by one man who died on the cross. P.S. People everywhere are dying to get to the New City Mike Mullens, Lincoln...

  • Dear Dietician: Breakfast

    Leanne McCrate|Updated Jan 3, 2019

    Dear Dietitian, I am trying to lose weight, so I often skip breakfast. My husband insists that this is not good for me and actually works against my efforts to lose weight. What do you say? Shirley Dear Shirley, We have always heard, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." However, recent studies have challenged this age-old standard. Some studies have found that people who skip breakfast do not overcompensate for this and overeat later in the day. Other studies sho...

  • Ponderosa Snow Warriors Pancake Breakfast carries on despite slow start to snowmobile season

    Roger Dey, BVD|Updated Jan 3, 2019

    "We got a live one!” came the shout as the door to the Ponderosa Snow Warriors clubhouse opened Saturday morning. The arrival of a lone guest caused Bob Orr, Mark Christian, Gerry Malek and the rest of the breakfast crew to spring into action, happy to have someone to serve during the slow first hour of the morning meal that began at 8 a.m. “The older ones are the ones who are still getting up early,” Kathy Reeve commented to another club member while waiting for custo...

  • Letter: Appreciative of Teresa

    Updated Jan 3, 2019

    To the Editor, Every now and then you read a letter in the BVD about an outstanding person in Lincoln! This letter is about someone we all know. Her name is Teresa Sutton and she has touched each and everyone of our lives. Working at the Post Office, Teresa is often the first person that people will meet when they move to Lincoln. She is a welcoming ambassador for our town. She supplies them with a PO box and a wealth of information about our town! Teresa is warm hearted,...

  • King House one step closer to a home

    Roger Dey, BVD|Updated Jan 3, 2019

    For a little more than three years, the Matt King House has been home to several cats who have taken up residence among the stacked timbers of the building. The disassembled building has been stored behind the Blackfoot Valley Dispatch office since 2015, after Heritage Timber disassembled and moved the structure from its original location east of Sucker Creek Road. Since then the Lincoln Heritage Alliance, which formed as part of the effort to save the historic building, has b...

  • Jerry Rollan Russell

    Updated Jan 3, 2019

    Jerry Rollan Russell passed away on Dec. 16, 2018 in Billings. He was born Dec. 9, 1933, the son of George C. and Lola Russell and resided on the family farm south of Hardin. Jerry graduated from Hardin High School and after graduation joined the Coast Guard, where he met Bettie Cellucci; they married and enjoyed 60 years together. Jerry was the maintenance supervisor for the Hardin School District and also owned and operated the Three Bears Motel in Lincoln with his wife. He... Full story

  • Mountaintop Musings: Looking back to move ahead

    Dave Carroll|Updated Jan 3, 2019

    Today many people are out returning gifts or shopping for bargains. The day after Christmas can be great for saving money, but the trade-off is that you must once again and go out and deal with the crowds and traffic. It is a choice that one must make. As 2018 winds down each of us should look back and honestly evaluate how well we did in making decisions this year. Some were simple, should I cut the grass or go for a hike? Others may have been do I take another three rounds o...

  • Opinion: ministers, politics and Trump

    Liz Cain|Updated Jan 3, 2019

    How can I express my opinion without starting a feud? Words matter, and they should be written and read carefully. I'm sorry Richard Debick did not understand my words in responding to Dave Carroll's Mountain Musings, so I will clarify here. Of course Mr. Carroll has a right to his opinions. I never said he did not, and I never said mine were more important than his. You missed the point, sir, and I have dozens of emails, notes, phone calls and folks grabbing me at the market...

  • Lincoln Out of Date

    Updated Jan 2, 2019

    Lincoln Gazette 50 years ago Jan. 1, 1969...

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