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  • Four Ways to Protect Yourself From ID Theft This Holiday Season

    Statepoint Media|Updated Dec 11, 2019

    (StatePoint) 'Tis the season for holiday shopping. When making purchases online, be sure to protect yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft -- it's more common than you may think. With just a few pieces of personal information, thieves can open new credit lines, drain bank accounts and file fraudulent tax returns. The Federal Trade Commission says credit card fraud was the number one type of identity theft reported in 2018, with 167,000 people saying their informatio...

  • Why Communities Nationwide Need More Afterschool Programs

    Statepoint Media|Updated Dec 3, 2019

    (StatePoint) Research shows that afterschool programs not only help keep kids safe, but also help them succeed in school and life. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough such programs in the country today, experts say. While participation in afterschool programs has increased to 10.2 million students nationwide, for every child in an afterschool program, two more are waiting to get in, according to “America After 3PM,” a household survey commissioned by the Afterschool Alliance, a nonprofit public awareness and advocacy organ...

  • Tick Season: An ounce of prevention

    Statepoint Media|Updated Jul 16, 2019

    (SPM Wire) Summer is here, and nature beckons. The benefits of spending time outside -- from an increase in vitamin D levels to the healing powers of nature -- are common knowledge, and outdoor activities are widely encouraged by various health organizations. But while you're out and about enjoying fresh air, don't forget to take precautions against the possibility of being bitten by a tick. Ticks are tiny arthropods that live by feeding on the blood of other animals and peopl...

  • Living: Is there enough creativity in your life?

    Statepoint Media|Updated Jun 5, 2019

    (StatePoint) New research suggests that Americans may be picking up paint brushes over remote controls. Two-thirds of adults in a recent survey say they seek to use their creativity more in life, and 77 percent would rather give up their Netflix subscription for a year than their favorite creative hobby. The study, conducted by Bluprint, NBCUniversal's state-of-the-art digital lifestyle learning platform and streaming service, in partnership with IPSOS, explores the growth of...

  • Opioids aren't always the answer for chronic pain patients

    Statepoint Media|Updated Dec 4, 2018

    (StatePoint) Decorated veteran Justin Minyard struggled for years with chronic back pain. And though his prescribed opioids provided only minimal relief, he developed a dependency on them. Unfortunately, such circumstances are common, as a growing number of patients are struggling with a choice between addictive pills or the thought of living with debilitating pain. The American Chronic Pain Association found that one in three Americans suffers from chronic pain, pain that...

  • Five ways learning piano can boost kids' confidence

    Statepoint Media|Updated Nov 20, 2018

    (StatePoint) Learning to play piano can boost children's confidence in many ways. So, if your family is looking to introduce a new hobby or after-school activity to your children, here are five reasons to consider piano. 1. Practice makes perfect. Practicing piano demonstrates that, over time, effort can lead to tangible improvement. This transformation will help give children the motivation and confidence they may need to hone their skills in other areas of life -- from organ...