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 By Roger Dey    News    June 6, 2018

Forest roads in tough shape following long winter, wet spring

A long, hard winter and heavy spring runoff exacerbated by the conditions left behind after last year's fires, which destroyed trees that absorb water and the surface vegetation that slows it down,...

 By News Release    News    June 6, 2018

Please leave baby animals alone

Each spring, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks receives several calls from people who have picked up deer fawns or other wildlife. FWP no longer accepts, holds or rehabilitates ungulates like deer,...

 By Roger Dey    News    June 6, 2018

Photos: Lincoln Class of 2018 graduates

Lincoln Class of 2018 graduates...


Op-ed: Montana Democrats support rural, agricultural areas

Rural and agricultural areas of Montana and the nation face tougher and tougher challenges. Our hospitals are struggling; our schools operate with reduced state and Federal funding, and our infrastructure is deteriorating. Our friends in agriculture...


Letter: Rodeo Club responds

In regards to the letter to the editor from Mike Mullens in the May 39th BVD: Mr. Mullens have you ever put on a rodeo? Do you know the cost involved with putting on a rodeo? The Lincoln Rodeo is not a huge money maker. Sometimes it barely breaks...

 By Roger Dey    News    June 6, 2018

Residents urged to hang onto sandbags

The end of this year's flooding may not be here just yet, but with it in sight, the question arose at the June 1 Government Day meeting about what residents should do with the sandbags they used to...

 By Roger Dey    News    June 6, 2018

Blackfoot Challenge board takes the show on the road

Now in its 25th year, the Blackfoot Challenge is once again taking its monthly Board of Directors meeting on the road after several years of hosting the meetings at the Lubrecht Experimental Forest fa...

 By Roger Dey    Features    June 6, 2018

Morel Season

Picking his way across burned patches of hillside above Sucker Creek Road, Joe Lafountaine kept an eye out for the small gnarled mushroom that proliferate in recently burned areas. He was having a goo...

 By Roger Dey    School    June 6, 2018

Field Trip

The fires around Lincoln in 2015 and 2017 have left the landscape scarred with swaths of burned trees, but comparing them to the area of Copper Creek that burned in the devastating fires of 2003... Full story

 By Roger Dey    News    June 6, 2018

An unfortunate find

Lincoln grade school students on a field trip made a surprising discovery at Snowbank Lake last Thursday when they spotted a dead swan floating along the shore. Elaine Caton, the Swan Restoration...

 By Bruce Auchly    Columns    June 6, 2018

Montana Tales & Trails

You don't have to be an ancient mariner to see we have plenty of water around us. People are filling sandbags, checking flood insurance policies or waiting for fields to dry up so they can plant....

 By News Release    News    June 6, 2018

FWP Seeks Comment on Pilot Study for N. Fk Blackfoot River Fish Restoration Project

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is seeking comment on its proposal to collect baseline information to help in planning for a potential native fish restoration project on the North Fork Blackfoot...

 By News Release    News    June 6, 2018

Free fishing for Father's Day weekend, June 16-17

Whether you're tying on a salmon fly or threading a night crawler onto a hook, during Father's Day weekend, everyone in Montana can fish for free. "Montana is home to some of the finest fishing...

 By News Release    News    June 6, 2018

FWP Seeking Members for Region 2 Citizen Advisory Committee

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) is seeking applicants to fill several volunteer positions on the west-central Montana Region 2 Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC). The CAC is a general advisory...

 By Roger Dey    School    June 6, 2018

Fun Day Fun Run

Makenzie Copenhaver (left) throws colored powder on Shanda Richards at the finish line of the Family Fun Day fun run while Lindsey Weisner and Hailey Corrigan laugh with Kylie Copenhaver. The 1-mile,...


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