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  • Images: Lincoln Out of Date

    Updated Jul 29, 2020

    This week, news clippings that included a story from the Helena Independant Record on a goodwill tour by Heena and Lincoln businessmen in July, 1960, and a 'Lincoln Up to Date' report n the Aug. 1, 1980 retirement of Thelma Hines form the Lincoln Telephone company....

  • Helmville Rodeo Grounds, Community Center sees improvements from leftover grandstand renovation funding; plans for Labor Day rodeo under discussion

    Roger Dey, Editor, BVD|Updated Jul 29, 2020

    A new set of metal bleachers will give spectators with disabilities a better experience and increase the number of seats available at the Helmville Rodeo Grounds this year. Funding for the new seating came from the successful effort to raise funds to save and renovate the historic grandstands at the rodeo grounds in 2017. "There are so many people who gave to the (grandstand) project, we said if we had money left, our goal was to do ADA seats at the rodeo grounds," said...

  • Maintenance work at Lincoln Community River Park

    Tammy Jordan, Contributing Writer|Updated Jul 29, 2020

    Local volunteers got together July 17 to pull weeds and perform maintenance at the Lincoln Community River Park on Stemple Pass Road. Weed control is one of the biggest challenges in the park and needs ongoing attention. This is where volunteers and park goers alike can be of assistance. While volunteer days are often scheduled on short notice due to the weather dependency of weed spraying, park goers can help by pulling weeds and disposing of them while they are visiting the...

  • Letter: Congratulations on AED grant

    Updated Jul 29, 2020

    To: Kate and Tommy Applegate, Helmville MT Congratulations with the success of obtaining AEDs for the Helmville Community through a grant received from the Town Pump Charitable Foundation. I didn't realize there's a tie between Town Pump's Kenneally family and the Gearys of Helmville. And, kudos to you, Kate, for working toward becoming an EMT. You both are wonderful assets to your community, Powell County, and our state. Thank you both for all of your hard work and...

  • Different counties mean different directives for dealing with COVID-19

    Kate Radford, Contributing Writer|Updated Jul 29, 2020

    Phase 2 of the Reopening of the Big Sky Plan launched on June 1, and Governor Bullock's directive regarding face coverings in indoor public spaces and some outdoor events went into effect July 15. Under Montana Code Annotated 50-2-124, county health departments have responsibility for enforcing these directives as well as the ability to issue their own orders and guidance to support public health. Over the course of the last two months, county health departments have created w... Full story

  • Hey Howdy Hey: Trips to Drummond

    Jim Oly|Updated Jul 29, 2020

    There was a song that came out back in the early 80's when I was in high school: "I Can't Drive 55," by Sammy Hagar. Well, with my moving, I have been taking my things down to Drummond in my little blue van, with the many ducks glued on the roof. I find that as I am getting older, the song I sing is "I Can Drive 55." Occasionally, I will go 65 but my little van is getting old and I have to take 'er easy, especially when it's loaded down. I think back when I was a young kid,...

  • Letter: Congrats on new look, keeping BVD alive

    Updated Jul 29, 2020

    Dear Roger and Erin, We just received our first copy of the BVD in its new format. Congratulations on the new look; the broadsheet takes it "uptown" so to speak. A community newspaper serving small towns is the nuts and bolts of the news media and should be welcomed and supported by all who can. Granted, most of us have access to the Internet and can receive newspapers online and other dubious news articles but its small community newspapers that keep readers informed on the...

  • Op-Ed: We Must Reignite Montana's Economy

    Matt Rosendale|Updated Jul 29, 2020

    Our state, and our country, has never faced a challenge like the one we are confronted with today. COVID-19, and the ensuing shutdown sent shockwaves through our economy. The consequences have been devastating, and we are only beginning to see its full impact. Over the last few months, we've experienced economic carnage unlike any period in my lifetime. Many business owners had to make the difficult decision to tell loyal employees that the paycheck they were depending on...

  • Photo: Monture Mud

    Updated Jul 29, 2020

    Sediment washed down from Monture Creek gives the Blackfoot river a split personality at Scotty Brown Bridge Friday, July 25. Heavy rains that fell in the mountains late last week loaded Monture Creek with plenty of extra mud and sediment, splitting the waters of the Blackfoot River in two below the confluence. Clear, green-hued waters of the main river flowed along the south bank, while the mocha-colored waters from Monture Creek ran along the north bank....

  • Sculpture in the Wild seeing more media coverage, higher visitor counts during coronavirus pandemic

    Kate Radford, Contributing writer|Updated Jul 29, 2020

    Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild has gained broad national attention this spring and summer as a place to enjoy art and the outdoors through a recent article by CNN Travel, titled "9 of the US's wildest, weirdest and most spectacular outdoor art experiences." The article, which was shared on news sites from Philadelphia to Nebraska and from Virginia to Wisconsin, has brought new attention to BPSW as a tourist destination that "provides visitors a window into the... Full story

  • Downtown Ovando gets a facelift

    Roger Dey, Editor, BVD|Updated Jul 29, 2020

    Downtown Ovando got a face lift with the buildings on the south side of the town's central square getting a distinctive new paint job this month, updating the look of the small downtown for the first time in years. "Pretty cool, huh?" said Fred Valiton, owner of the Blackfoot Commercial Company, which sits on the opposite side ofthe square, facing the refreshed buildings. "I wasn't sure it would turn out as well as it did, but now that it's up, it looks real good." "This is th...

  • Ovando property sale takes Flys to someplace familiar

    Roger Dey, Editor, BVD|Updated Jul 28, 2020

    Howie and Peggy Fly’s sale of their buildings in downtown Ovando has meant a move for them, but they haven’t gone far. The home they had been living in - the old Boyd Ranch house that was moved to Ovando in 1968 - was part of the sale, which prompted them to find a new home. Or in this case an old one. “So, we bought this house, and it’s got just as much work that needs to be done,” Howie said. Their new home on the west edge of the town began its life as the school house at Browns Lake. “There were ranches and homesteader...

  • Op-Ed: Sheriff's on Masks and personal responsibility

    Updated Jul 28, 2020

    Sheriffs take an oath to support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the state of Montana. We will uphold our oath, protect public safety and respond to our shared constituency through open communication and education as we continue to face the public health risks of COVID-19. As leaders in your community and the elected officials who represent you and your constitutional rights, we want to ensure we are all doing our part to protect the vulnerable citizens in our state while...

  • UBVCC covers array of topics at July meeting

    Roger Dey, Editor, BVD|Updated Jul 28, 2020

    The Upper Blackfoot Valley Community Council discussed a wide number topics at their July 21 meeting, including updates the Mike Horse road and restoration project to an Envision Lincoln grant award to COVID-19. Mike Horse Information provided to the UBVCC indicated construction work at the UBMC is nearing completion, and work on Mike Horse Road is finished, with a “heavily armored” ford in place across the Blackfoot River. According to the update read by UBVCC Chairman Zach Muse, the road “is still in place and trave...

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