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Articles from the October 30, 2019 edition

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  • Cutting the cord and going over the top

    Roger Dey, BVD|Updated Oct 31, 2019

    With Lincoln Telephone Company ending cable TV service to the community Dec. 31, cable subscribers only have two months left to settle on their future entertainment options. The company's decision to drop cable comes amid a growing nationwide "cord cutting" trend that has seen users move away from cable services and toward online streaming options. Lincoln Telephone is one of the last communication companies in the state to abandon cable service. 3 Rivers Communication in...

  • LHD board reconstituted

    Roger Dey, BVD|Updated Oct 29, 2019

    After a month with only one trustee, The Lincoln Hospital District board has been reconstituted with the swearing in of four new trustees at their meeting Tuesday Oct. 22. The new members include Sherri Wood as the board Chair, Josh Lattin as Vice Chair, and Jim Agner as secretary and Tracy Daniel as the fifth at large trustee. Karen Frank-Plumlee, the sole remaining trustee following the resignations of Judy Spath, Shane Brown and Maryanne Brown in September, remains on as...

  • Two more cases of sever illness associated with vaping identified

    News Release, Montana DPHHS|Updated Oct 29, 2019

    Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) officials have identified two additional cases of illness related to the national outbreak of e-cigarette use, or vaping. Montana now has five identified cases, including one death. DPHHS officials said one new case involves an individual from Cascade County in their teens who was initially hospitalized this past summer and then again in October. The second new case involves an individual from Lake County in their 30s who...

  • A hard hunt, a ne'er do well & a missed bull

    Dick Geary, Featured columnist|Updated Oct 29, 2019

    "Blessed is the man who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed" - Alexander Pope. It was during the mid 1960's. I was 17 or 18, and Dan, my hunting partner, was a couple years younger. There weren't many elk in those days. I had killed one or two, but Dan had never gotten lucky. He was getting desperate. The way we hunted when elk were scarce was to pick up a fresh track in the snow, then follow it out until we caught up with the elk. Sometimes we killed the elk,...

  • Mountaintop Musings: Finding Balance in the Swings of Life

    Dave Carroll, Community Bible Church of Lincoln|Updated Oct 29, 2019

    I must say that I have really enjoyed the World Series so far this year. Of course, I am rooting for the Houston Astros and by now they may well be the champions. If not, they and the Washington Nationals are playing tonight in game 7. Either way it will be some fantastic baseball, many will be ecstatic, and many will be disappointed. Of course, we are sitting here with low temperatures and lots of snow starting to pile up; not exactly baseball weather is it? Again, many will...

  • Lincoln Outdoor Club Gearing up for Winter, Appreciative of Support

    Tammy Jordan, BVD|Updated Oct 29, 2019

    As winter approaches, the Lincoln Outdoor Club is preparing for fun activities including cross-country skiing, ice skating and other outdoor adventures. The club, which was formed more than twenty years ago through the school, has made a comeback in recent years. During a meeting of the Base Camp group in early 2016, then-Seeley School Superintendent Chris Stout came to talk about their very active outdoor club, which was started by a mother there wanted to take the kids...

  • West-Central Montana, Land Market Strong, According to Area Expert

    Updated Oct 29, 2019

    Area real estate pro and longtime friend of Lincoln locals Mike and Yvonne Mullens. Ray Primmer is a die-hard sportsman who blends his passion for land and wildlife with a career in land sales. After 21 successful years in the military, Ray and his family settled on a property outside of Helena where they can enjoy the outdoors, and raise their family in what is a recreational paradise. Primmer specializes in hunting, ranch and recreational land sales, and says that "unfortunately, landowners sometimes don’t understand the o...

  • Lincoln's newest Realtor brings marketing experience, love of outdoors to new business

    Lee York, BVD|Updated Oct 29, 2019

    A cabin on North 3rd Street is home to the office of Lincoln's newest Realtor, Brenda Lee Stark. Stark, her husband Colton and their son and daughter-in-law moved to Lincoln in 2018 due to their love of the outdoors. "Lincoln is a small town, which I love, and I found the community very friendly. It's a beautiful area and, after looking at other locations, we fell in love with Lincoln." Stark said. The family, who came to Lincoln from Oregon, enjoys hunting, fishing and Stark...

  • Deputy's Log : Oct. 20 -Oct. 26

    Deputy Robert Rivera, Lewis and Clark County Sheriffs Office|Updated Oct 29, 2019

    Lewis and Clark County 911 Center received thirteen Calls for Service in the Lincoln area during the week of Oct. 20 through Oct. 26, 2019. Three of those calls for service were traffic stops performed in and around the Lincoln area by deputies. No calls for service generated a case report last week. Other calls for service in the Lincoln area were two 911 hang-ups, one citizen assist, one disorderly person, two extra patrol requests, one fish and game call, one road hazard...

  • Op/Ed: Northwestern resource procurement plan concerns

    Senator Mary McNally - D, SD 24 Billings|Updated Oct 29, 2019

    If you are a customer of NorthWestern Energy (NorthWestern) then you should be interested in its latest Resource Procurement Plan. Publicly owned utilities like NorthWestern are required to periodically prepare these Plans that lay out how the utility will meet energy demands over the next twenty years. Given the rapid changes that are happening in energy markets, this is a challenging task and a moving target subject to revisions over time. The process includes the utility...

  • Dear Dietician: Nutrition attitudes

    Leanne McCrate|Updated Oct 29, 2019

    Dear Readers: Have you ever endured the unpleasant experience of someone criticizing or ridiculing your food choices? One day at lunch, the dietitians were enjoying a party and dining on cheesy foods and rich desserts. A coworker passed by and commented, "Maybe you all should take your name tags off so no one knows that you all are dietitians." She thought it was funny; I didn't. It was actually a reader who brought this idea for a column to my attention. After much thought,...

  • Familiar face brings local experience to job as Blackfoot Challenge director

    Roger Dey, BVD|Updated Oct 29, 2019

    After two months as the new executive Director of the Blackfoot Challenge, Seth Wilson is settling into the role that brought him back to the Blackfoot Valley. Wilson, who served as the first Wildlife Coordinator for the Blackfoot Challenge from 2001 to 2014, took over the position Sept. 3 and has been re-acquainting himself with the watershed and the organization's partners. "As I get a bit more settled in as executive director, I am grateful to our amazing Board of...

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