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  • International Sculpture Day at BPSW

    Roger Dey, BVD|Updated Aug 31, 2022

    Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild recognizes International Sculpture Day Most of the visitors to Sculpture in the Wild Saturday were unaware it was International Sculpture Day but seemed delighted to find out they had chosen to visit Lincoln's sculpture park on the unofficial holiday. International Sculpture Day falls on the last Saturday in April every year. It was set up by the International Sculpture Center as a worldwide celebration of sculpture and to increase...

  • Up next for Lincoln Master Planning: Focus Groups

    Updated May 11, 2022

    Next up for the Master Planning process will be a series of focus groups that will give locals a chance to have additional direct input into developing the plan. The focus groups will be small group discussions planned for later this month. Each group should include about 12 community members and a steering committee member. Each group will discuss one of six topics that came out of the community survey. The discussions will welcome all perspectives in a constructive, civil... Full story

  • Town Hall meeting discusses Community Master Plan Survey

    Roger Dey, BVD|Updated May 5, 2022

    The results of a survey designed to gather feedback for the development of a master plan for Lincoln revealed an overwhelming desire to see the town remain a small town, with a high value placed on its character, it's people and the sense of community. Two weeks ago, Dustin deYong of Freestone Development, the consultant hired to guide the master planning process, provided an initial look at some of the results from the online answers to the community survey. At the second...

  • Livestreaming Lincoln

    Roger Dey, BVD|Updated May 4, 2022

    Headed into town but wonder what things are looking like? Now you can get a live view of downtown Lincoln through a live stream from the store front of Rusty Relics and the BVD. Livestream Montana installed the camera in March as part of a network of cameras in several small towns in the region. Livestream Montana began at Live in Montana, a real estate company based in Augusta. Their first camera began live streaming from their business in Augusta 2020, followed by another...

  • God is Spirit

    Copyright 2021 Billy Graham Literary Trust, Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC|Updated May 4, 2022

    Q: Is God like us or is God basically a vapor or something that is in the atmosphere? - G.W. A: God isn't made of atoms or molecules; He isn't part of the created world. He exists in a wholly different realm. Jesus told the Samaritan woman at the well that "God is Spirit" (John 4:24). Because He is a Spirit, God isn't limited in any way. He is far greater than the material world (which is one reason we aren't to worship idols or nature). We cannot confine Him to one place,...

  • From My Perspective: Something's amiss

    Tammy Jordan|Updated May 4, 2022

    I may not watch the news, but that doesn’t mean I’m not informed. Most of my friends who do watch the news hadn’t even heard of the destruction of our food processing and distribution plants. Those who do know and have been paying attention are very concerned. For those of you who may not have heard, right here in the United States, several of our food supply chains and distribution centers are being destroyed by fire, explosions and planes crashing into their build...

  • Mom's Saddle

    Kathy Dey, Guest Column|Updated May 4, 2022

    Editor's Note: In January I ran a story my sister Kathy had written about the old 1964 Ford pickup that had been near and dear to my Dad's heart. A couple years ago, she wrote about my Mother's most prized possession, the saddle she had since she was a teenager that she nearly lost several times to keep our family afloat. I inherited my love for horses from my Mom, and it started at a young age. My Mom got her first horse sometime in the 1950s as a teenager. Of course she...

  • It might be time to consider a Lincoln Senior Center membership

    Sue Howsmon|Updated May 4, 2022

    One look outside or to feel the warming temperatures lets us know that the long, hard winter of 2022 is nearing it's end. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit us more than two years ago life in general has taken many changes and the Lincoln Senior Center is no different. Memberships have dropped over the past few years, due in some cases to the aging of Lincoln and people who are not able to get out and around as they used to. The pandemic had kept people inside and away from...

  • Staying Safe in an Unsafe World. Part II

    Connie McCafferty|Updated May 4, 2022

    Tonight, two transients walked off the highway, came through the bushes by the creek, and rang our back door bell. I answered the door, but did not open the storm door. The tall fellow, about 20-something, dressed in black, said, "My phone is dead. Can I come in and use your phone?" His partner, also dressed in black stood by. After my article in last week's BVD about not letting any stranger into your house for any reason, it was as though Providence brought a startling...

  • Obituary: Ronald Lydiard

    Updated May 4, 2022

    Ronald Roy Lydiard was born in Great Falls, Mont. on June 21, 1952 to Robert Edward and Frances Neva Lydiard. He was one of four children. As a young child, Ronald acquired a love of animals, nature and being in the outdoors. He had a horse names Taffy that he enjoyed riding around the family ranch. That ranch was a major source of pleasure and joy in his life. Another of his main interests in childhood was music, starting piano and flute lessons in elementary school. He conti... Full story

  • A look at Lincoln-area road funding and taxes

    Roger Dey, BVD|Updated May 4, 2022

    County taxes are often a source of chagrin for Lincoln residents, with indignation often leveled at road maintenance in the area, but a look at county expenditures on roads reveals those long-standing complaints may not reflect current reality. The fact that roads in the Lincoln area are in constant need of maintenance hasn't changed. Potholes develop every winter and spring, dust and washboards plague the unpaved roads every summer and fall. But the belief that Lincoln is...

  • A Night Under the Stars

    Updated May 4, 2022

    About 60 parents, friends and family members crowded into the Lincoln Community Hall Friday night, April 29 to see the students in all their finery during the Grand March. After the crowd left, the kids danced to tunes spun by DJ Jim Tolan....

  • Obituary: Doris L. (Jones) Dey

    Updated May 4, 2022

    Doris Leanne (Jones) Dey, 83, passed peacefully at home in Missoula, Mont. April 21, 2022. Doris was born on July 4, 1938 in Kalispell, Mont. to Harold and Mary (Welch) Jones. Doris attended schools in Kalispell and graduated from Flathead County High School in 1956. During high school, she was active in choir and participated in several high school musicals. During her childhood, she helped her father and mother run Jones Bakery and Pastry Shop and had a fondness for driving... Full story