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  • Obituary Donald A. Roberson

    Updated Jan 20, 2019

    Donald A. Roberson, 83, of Tinicum Township, Penn., passed away Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2019. Born Oct. 17, 1935 in Trenton, N.J., Don lived in Milford, NJ before moving to Tinicum Township, Penn. in 1955, the year he married his beloved wife Emma (Templeton) Roberson. They celebrated sixty-three years of marriage on Oct. 1, 2018. Don graduated from Frenchtown High School. He served in the US Navy Reserves for eight years. Don owned Don Roberson Excavating and Septic Service for... Full story

  • Habits of cleanliness

    Dick Geary|Updated Jan 16, 2019

    Our mother had four children under six years old in the house (two more came some years later,) a wringer washer, but no clothes dryer or dishwasher. Frozen foods came later, so every meal took a lot of work to prepare. That was the situation of most women sixty years ago, the number and ages of the children were the only variables. The world was divided into women's work and men's work. Our father was aware of the disparity, and would occasionally quote the old adage: “A m...

  • My Smart Mouth: Woman's Best Friend

    Hope Quay|Updated Jan 16, 2019

    Despite having grown up surrounded by animals – or perhaps because of it – I am not a card-carrying member of the dog lover’s club. Before you rally a lynch mob, let me explain my position by saying that I was raised surrounded primarily by working dogs. I will admit that the line between working dog and pet was somewhat blurred in our household, but many of you who grew up on farms and ranches and would probably not dream of letting a dog onto your bed will certainly understand the difference. Loyal and intelligent as our c...

  • In Session: Legislature kicks off 2019 session

    Becky Beard - R, HD 80|Updated Jan 16, 2019

    Week one of the 66th session of the Montana Legislature kicked off on Monday, Jan 7. The immediate and looming issue – as the first order of business each session – was adopting the House Rules. The Montana constitution establishes that the legislature has to adopt rules for our Chamber to operate during the next 90 days. As a member of the House Rules Committee, and as a member of the House chamber, I heard a lot of discussion about the rules, especially about the pro...

  • Little Lynx Ladies out score Helena Christian Rams

    Connie McAfferty, BVD|Updated Jan 16, 2019

    Coach Shane Smith had his junior high ladies in top form to face down the Lady Rams from Helena Christian School in a fast paced competitive contest Saturday afternoon, Jan. 12. The Lincoln squad managed to stay at least one basket ahead of the opponents until half time. Running out of the locker room for the third period, the eyes of the Jr Hi Lynx blazed with renewed determination as they slowly but inevitably widened the gap. The final buzzer put the 23 - 16 win in the...

  • Lady Tigers of St. Regis in Friday cat fight with Lynx

    Connie McAfferty, BVD|Updated Jan 16, 2019

    On Friday afternoon, Jan. 11, the Lincoln Lady Lynx faced the St. Regis ladies in a non-conference duel at home. The Tigers, on a 6-4 winning streak, have cut a wide swath in the last few years whenever they came to the Blackfoot Valley. Their two senior aces, 5- foot, 8-inch Madison Kelly and Emma Hill at 5-foot , 9-inches, are well known to the local fans as the perennial high scoring nemeses of the Lynx. On this day, portions of the Lady Lynx bench were reserved for the...

  • St. Regis Tigers visit Lincoln Lynx in long-awaited home opener

    Connie McAfferty, BVD|Updated Jan 16, 2019

    The Lincoln faithful have been waiting and waiting for a basketball game in their own gym. The Lynx varsity season, which began for the Lincoln men in Frenchtown Nov. 30, has been on the road for six weeks. But, if excitement is what the doctor ordered for a dreary winter day, the home game Friday, Jan. 11 filled the bill, in a match that was part basketball and part demolition derby. Fireworks electrified the crowd from the first whistle. The stands were packed and the Lynx c...

  • Hall Board holding special meeting to fill vacant seats

    Lauren Morrison|Updated Jan 16, 2019

    The Lincoln Community Hall will convene this month to select two new members to its governing board. The special session, scheduled for Jan. 28 at 1 p.m., will seek to fill the vacant seats available following the departure of Bob Bushnell and Nyle Howsmon from the board. The seven-member, volunteer board will meet to select two new members to participate in decisions regarding Hall management including scheduling, budgeting, maintenance, and future improvements. Any current...

  • Lincoln fish pond plan to be revived, revisited

    Hope Quay, BVD|Updated Jan 16, 2019

    In March of 2015, Lincoln area Game Warden Ezra Schwalm was all set to move forward with an application to a Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks public fishing pond grant program. Schwalm, who originally became aware of the program via a work e-mail, envisioned a community-driven project to bring a family-friendly fishing pond to Lincoln; a safe place where, ideally, kids could walk with their fishing poles. Schwalm sits on the Lincoln Park Board and felt at the time that Lambkin Park would be an ideal location for the pond,...

  • Letter: Hit home?

    Updated Jan 16, 2019

    Wow, I must have really hit home. It took Liz Cain four really long columns to rebut my belief that Mr. Carroll was entitled to speak his opinions publicly. Personality I have always believed that " brevity is the soul of wit" ( Hamlet, act 2, scene 2.). For being an author she missed that point as well. Many, many men and women also complimented me on my opinion and I am not even an author! I even know people who believe they are artists because they have painted their...

  • Thanks for the success of Angel Tree, Christmas Food Boxes

    Updated Jan 16, 2019

    Big Montana Hug and Thank you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to our “Lincoln Community.” A big grateful thanks all who took a tag from the angel tree at the bank and did some shopping or helped in other ways. Also thank you for the food donations left at the bank and money to help with our Christmas Food Boxes. We helped 69 kids to have a very nice Christmas this year. We sent out 42 Christmas Food Boxes. This year we sent out 10 Thanksgiving Food Boxes at Thanksgiving. Last year we gave three boxes of cereal to eac...

  • Letter: Thanks for helping our family

    Updated Jan 16, 2019

    My family and I would like to send a heartfelt Thank You to our wonderful community. From the cup of coffee and wonderful dinners so we could spend time with our kids, to monetary donations to make sure we had a great Christmas to restock and replace so many things, to help to move, all the laundry that was washed so we had smoke free clothes and offers of homes to stay in; from the Christmas gifts, firewood, cookies, and the help boarding up our house, to the rides to town...

  • LVA recognizes EMS Volunteers

    BVD|Updated Jan 16, 2019

    The Lincoln Volunteer Ambulance recognized and thanked the volunteer members of the service at their annual EMS dinner, Jan. 12. Three members of the Emergency Medical Service were honored for their work over the past year. Kristie Fry earned the EMS Responder of the Year title, while Bill Frisbee was recognized as EMT of the Year and Ernie Lundberg earned EMR of the year. The service also recognized the volunteers for their time in service, including their longest serving...

  • Stolen pickup recovered

    Roger Dey, BVD|Updated Jan 16, 2019

    The owner of a pickup truck stolen in Lincoln Jan. 6, called its location in to the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s Office after spotting it about eight miles west of town. Earl LaRoque discovered his green and white 1972 Chevy Classic pickup in Powell County along Highway 200 near mile marker 64 around noon Tuesday, Jan. 7. The truck had been parked off the road, among some trees. LaRoque saw the vehicle as it was being driven away from the Blue Sky Motel, Sunday evening, Jan. 6, but was unable to get a look at person w...

  • Dear Dietician: Overeating

    Leanne McCrate|Updated Jan 16, 2019

    Dear Readers, Now that the holidays are over and it's back to our normal routine, some of us may resolve to eat healthier in 2019. Many of us have overindulged in certain foods and have picked up a few pounds during the holiday season. For me, it was fudge and my great-grandmother's oatmeal cookies. When I finally mustered the courage to step on the scale, it unsympathetically revealed a four-pound weight gain. I'm hoping two of those pounds are just water. . . maybe? Not to...

  • Still closed

    Roger Dey, BVD|Updated Jan 16, 2019

    A sign on the door of the Lincoln Ranger Station serves as a reminder that the dozen or so full time employees there are still furloughed from their jobs as the longest government shut down in U.S. history approaches its fourth week. Locally, the closure of the Ranger District office is the most obvious impact of the partial government shutdown, the effects of which have been largely minimized here due to the winter season. However, as the shutdown drags on, its impacts may...

  • For Dalton Bridge project, tell legislators to support TSEP rather than specific House Bill

    Roger Dey, BVD|Updated Jan 16, 2019

    Residents urged to voice support for TSEP funding The grant funding needed for the Dalton Mountain Road bridge replacement project is currently part of the 2019 Legislative Session's House Bill 14, but supporters of the project are being urged to ask legislators to support bridge funding under the Treasure State Endowment Program, rather than a specific bill. In an e-mail to Lewis and Clark County Director of Public Works Eric Griffin and County Engineer Dan Karlin, Karl...

  • County urges Smart911 signups

    News Release, Lewis and Clark County|Updated Jan 16, 2019

    Helena – With the start of a new year, Lewis and Clark County is urging residents to sign up to receive location specific emergency alerts at Public safety officials use Smart911 to communicate with residents for a variety of events, including natural disasters such as wildfires and flooding, public safety emergencies such as manhunts, and missing person alerts. It is free to sign up and allows people to receive alerts via text message, email and voice m...

  • LRFD purchasing property, building next door to Lincoln Fire Hall

    Roger Dey, BVD|Updated Jan 16, 2019

    The Lincoln Rural Fire District received an anonymous $20,000 grant last week to be used for the purchase of land, which will provide a financial cushion for the district's purchase ofthe property just north of the Lincoln Fire Hall. LRFD Chairman Bill Frisbee said the District has a signed contract for the purchase of the two lots owned by Chris and Betty Waits. Totaling about eight-tenths of an acre, the properties include the vacant lot adjacent to the Fire Hall, which had...

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