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  • Lincoln School's Jingle Bell Jukebox

    Tammy Jordan, BVD|Updated Dec 23, 2019

    The Lincoln School hosted their Christmas Program, "Jingle Bell Jukebox," a presentation of holiday hits featuring Lincoln School Pre-K through sixth grade students, on the evening of Wednesday, Dec. 18. If you were there, you likely had a wonderful time watching the kids and getting your holiday spirit in gear, and if you didn't attend, you simply just missed out. Spearheaded by teachers Stacey Mannix and Katie Spencer, the entire staff at the school played a part in helping...

  • Fiberglass Bear Painted by Local Artist in 2004 comes to Lincoln

    Kate Radford, BVD|Updated Dec 23, 2019

    From 2002-2007, Lincoln artist Annie Allen decorated five bears as part of Helena's Last Chance Bear Encounter Public Art Project. One of her bears has recently returned to Lincoln. The Bear Encounter was hosted by Downtown Helena both as a fundraiser and a way to make the Last Chance Gulch area of Helena a destination location for families and tourists. Artists submitted proposals for the juried project by mocking up their bear design on a black and white drawing of a bear....

  • Thanks For Chance to Share & Create

    Updated Dec 23, 2019

    I'd like to take the opportunity to thank Lincoln School teachers Stacey Mannix and Katie Spencer for allowing me to come into their classrooms this past week to teach their students about needle-felting. I had so much fun helping them create their own needle-felted sheep ornaments and getting to know the kids better. You all made my heart smile! Merry Christmas! Tammy Jordan...

  • Nativity Scene Collection On Display At Columbus Center in Great Falls

    Darryl L. Flowers, Fairfield Sun Times|Updated Dec 23, 2019

    If you are more of a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas, then you will certainly enjoy "Once Upon a Nativity," a collection of Nativity scenes currently on display and open to the public at the Columbus Center in Great Falls. The collection is result of 30 years of collecting on the part of Carol Olthoff. Well, technically, it goes back to 1964. She has on display the first Nativity scene she and he husband have had, and they have had that piece since '64. Carol first...

  • Tigers maul Lincoln Lynx in Friday night hoops action

    Connie McAfferty, BVD|Updated Dec 23, 2019

    The taller and stronger Tigers from Darby outplayed Lincoln on the basketball court Friday night, Dec. 20, ending the contest in a lopsided 38 - 69 loss for the Lynx. Shooting only 45 percent from the floor, the hometown squad couldn't seem to buy a basket as most of the shots went up, rolled around the rim and careened out again. The Darby Tigers ran sophisticated offensive plays that combined lightning fast passes and deep penetration for the shooters. The Lynx tried to...

  • Lady Lynx battle Darby Lady Tigers to OT standoff

    Connie McAfferty, BVD|Updated Dec 23, 2019

    The first home hoops game for the Lincoln Lady Lynx tipped off Friday night, Dec. 20, against the Lady Tigers from Darby in a close nail-bitter contest that saw the lead change back and forth eight times. The Lynx starting five averaged three inches taller than the short but quick Lady Tigers, and the Lincoln gals used their height advantage to hold the lead in scoring for the entire first half of the game. Led by experienced seniors Sage Kamps and Alexis Cannon, the starting...

  • Kathy Bushnell accepts permanent position as Helena District Ranger

    News Release, Helena-Lewis & Clark National Forest|Updated Dec 23, 2019

    HELENA, Mont. – Kathy Bushnell of Helena, Mont. has accepted a permanent position as the Helena District Ranger on the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest. Bushnell has worked in the District Ranger position since September in a temporary role, and was offered the permanent position by Forest Supervisor Bill Avey after a competitive application process. "Kathy's strategic thinking skills, leadership capability, and integrity will serve both the Helena Ranger District and t...

  • Forest Service finalizes updated Stonewall Vegetation project analysis

    News Release, Helena-Lewis & Clark National Forest|Updated Dec 23, 2019

    HELENA, Mont. – The Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest has finalized plans for the Stonewall Vegetation project near Lincoln, Mont. following additional environmental analyses that were deemed necessary after wildfire burned portions of the project area in 2017. The final project decision, signed December 19, authorizes forest management activities including timber harvest and prescribed burning on nearly 1,400 acres in the larger project area. "We have taken the time t...

  • Merry Christmas!

    Updated Dec 23, 2019

  • Lincoln Ranger district planning project in Hogum/ Humbug area

    Roger Dey, BVD|Updated Dec 23, 2019

    A restoration project the Lincoln Ranger District is developing in the Hogum/Humbug area southeast of Lincoln will be the main topic of an Open House at the Lincoln Ranger Station, Jan. 30. The Hogum/Humbug project is aimed at hazard fuels reduction on fewer than 3000 acres and is being developed using a categorical exclusion for wildfire resilience under the Healthy Forest Restoration Act. "We know the condition of the fuels and the forest. I think it behooves us to reach...

  • Mountaintop Musings: A Hopeful Time of Year, Redux

    Dave Carroll, Community Bible Church of Lincoln|Updated Dec 23, 2019

    Father Time just keeps moving along doesn't He? Here we are facing 2020 in just another week. Over the past few years I have found it a bit harder to keep moving along. My knees and hips hurt, arthritis is in my neck, lung capacity is not what it used to be, yes, this aging thing is a challenge! But Father Time, well He keeps running strong every year, and in fact it seems to me He is getting faster and faster. I imagine many of you reading this feel the same way. For those wh...

  • Dear Dietician: Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

    Leanne McCrate, Featured Columnist|Updated Dec 23, 2019

    Dear Dietitian, My husband has been diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. His doctor told him to lose weight, and he tries, but he ends up getting discouraged and goes off his diet. I'm worried about his health, but what can I do? Lauren Dear Lauren, One of the most difficult things in life is watching someone struggle with a health condition. It is perhaps more difficult than when we struggle ourselves. Of course, you worry about your husband's health, and you...

  • Brazilian Christmas

    Dick Geary, Featured Columnist|Updated Dec 23, 2019

    The Brazilians don't trade many presents during Christmas, preferring to have family/friends gatherings centered around "churrascos," or meat roasted on a spit. Some will offer huge churrascos, like Sr. Joaquim Miranda, one of the old coronels who took possession of thousands of acres of land around Barra do Bugres back in the late 1940's and early 50's. Sr. Joaquim had two churrascos a year – Christmas and Easter. At one of his Easter parties, his help came to him to say that...

  • Hey Howdy Hey

    Jim Oly|Updated Dec 23, 2019

    Well Christmas isn’t just around the corner anymore. It’s here. People are still out shopping until the very last minute and taking “extreme measure” trying to find the latest high-tech gadgets, phones, and toys for their loved ones and friends, etc. This will never change, but I can’t complain myself though, for I too have been very blessed already this season. So, I would like to send out a big Hey Howdy Hey of thanks to “The Big Guy In The Sky”. Because without the b...

  • Arts Council, Kids Appreciate Santa's Workshop Help

    Annette Gardner, Lincoln Council for the Arts|Updated Dec 23, 2019

    Once again, the school gym was a dervish of hammering, shaking, painting, stenciling, threading, tying, wrapping and coloring. More than 60 busy children who went home with special gifts for their loved ones visited Santa’s Workshop. Lincoln’s Council for the Arts would like to extend a sincere thank you to all the people who donated money, supplies, or their valuable time to this exciting event. The children want to thank you, too. Please enjoy the quotes below from the participants: "I’m new here. I’ve never heard of Santa...