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Articles from the October 16, 2019 edition

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  • Lincoln family developing school for preservation of traditional skills and art

    Tammy Jordan, BVD|Updated Nov 6, 2019

    The building on the corner of Sucker Creek and Highway 200, formerly home to Wind Turbine Tools and before that Summit Seekers Skidoo and Woodhouse Construction*, has a new and unique future ahead of it after being purchased this summer by Jason & Tiana Valler. The Vallers have been hard at work on their plans for the building and their future here in Lincoln. Their plans will unfold in stages, and to start things off they are opening the Heritage House Artisan School for the...

  • Fort Benton: The Birthplace of Montana (Part 2)

    Rick and Susie Graetz, University of Montana|Updated Oct 16, 2019

    In September 1887, the railroad arrived at Fort Benton, signaling the end of the era of river trade, and it seemed the town would die. But a Canadian trade boom opened, resulting in the establishment of the 240-mile-long Whoop Up Trail pointing north to Fort Macleod, Alberta. Although plenty of legitimate commerce was carried out, the trail became known for the illegal whiskey transported on this dangerous and adventure-filled route. Fort Benton is one of the most fascinating...

  • A serious and sophisticated game

    Dick Geary, Featured columnist|Updated Oct 16, 2019

    I watch a lot of baseball during the season, which runs from April to the end of November. I enjoy the other televised sports, but with the disinterest of a cat looking out a window; they're just figures moving around behind a pane of glass. But I take baseball seriously. As chess is to board games and bridge is to cards, baseball is the most sophisticated version of field sports. The other major sports are quite simplistic and unsophisticated, and in almost all of the other s...

  • E-Bikes welcome on 'motorized use' Helena-Lewis & Clark NF trails, roads

    News Release, Helena-Lewis & Clark NF|Updated Oct 16, 2019

    Helena – Electric bicycles (often referred to as “e-bikes”) have grown in popularity for both recreational use and hunting on public lands and are currently welcome on more than 52,000 miles of roads and 7,700 miles of trails throughout the Northern Region’s nine National Forests and Dakota Prairie Grasslands where motorized vehicle travel is authorized. Specific to the Helena-Lewis & Clark National Forest in west-central Montana, approximately 2,545 miles of system road and 813 miles of system trail are available for e-b...

  • Non-resident OHV permit cost increases, more money to trails grant program

    News Release, Montan FWP|Updated Oct 16, 2019

    Non-resident off-highway vehicle users coming to Montana this fall will see a slight increase in their temporary use permits. The increased fee is a result of House Bill 355, which was passed by the 2019 Montana Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Steve Bullock. The revenues from the fee increase will go towards OHV trail maintenance, noxious weed abatement, search and rescue missions, and OHV enforcement efforts throughout Montana. HB 355 raised the OHV non-resident...

  • Sun, Fun and Junior High Football

    Connie McAfferty, BVD|Updated Oct 16, 2019

    September games in torrential rain, October games in freezing cold and snow. How strange was it that the Jr Hi Lynx boys ended their 2019 season on a gorgeous, crisp, sunny fall day last Saturday in a thrilling match against the St. Regis Tigers? If you missed the kick off, you probably also missed seeing St. Regis score seven points in the first minute. The score was 0 - 34 at the half and the mercy rule was about to let the clock run. But wait. At the start of the third...

  • Mountain Cats claw Lady Lynx

    Connie McAfferty, BVD|Updated Oct 16, 2019

    Showing the intense skill levels and determination of a veteran varsity squad, the Lady Lynx put on quite an athletic show this Friday night against the Alberton/Superior combine Mountain Cats. The heated volleyball showdown between these two teams, equally matched in numbers and ability, was eagerly anticipated by the players and the crowd who remembered the close contest of their last meeting. The heart-stopping action didn't disappoint. Six-foot senior Alexis Cannon drove...

  • Teacher Feature: Jeanette Winslow

    Updated Oct 16, 2019

    Jeanette Winslow was 23 when, with her husband Steve, she moved to Lincoln for her first teaching job in 1986. Winslow has worn many hats over the years, including Family Consumer Sciences teacher, school librarian and a Tech Coordinator. While teaching in Lincoln, Winslow helped a lot of Lincoln kids develop the skills they would use later in life, and even served as the class advisor for the class of 1993, which included the BVD's Erin Dey. She travelled to California with...

  • Lincoln Valley Chamber of Commerce Update

    Updated Oct 16, 2019

    Lincoln Valley Chamber of Commerce President Laurie Richards called the monthly meeting to order Thursday, Oct. 10 at 5:30 p.m. and welcomed all those in attendance. The full agenda began with discussions about the Brewery Follies that came to Lincoln last Saturday, Oct. 12. Chamber businesses Bushwackers and the Three Bears Motel were the successful bidders for the event, to provide bar services at the performance and rooms for the performers. Discussion then moved to the...

  • UM Poll: Most voters don't know Montana once had two U.S. House Districts

    News Release, UM News Service|Updated Oct 16, 2019

    UM News Service MISSOULA – The University of Montana Big Sky Poll recently asked participants "What is the highest number of U.S. Representatives that Montana has ever had?" Only 39 percent of respondents answered correctly with two. Although Montana currently has an at-large congressional district that represents the entire state, Montana had two districts from 1913 to 1993. Montana could regain a second congressional seat as a result of the 2020 census. The 2020 census in M...

  • Death Notice: Harold I. Marquette Jr., 84, of Ovando, died Sunday, Oct. 6, at St. Patrick Hospital. Cremation is planned. Garden City Funeral Home is assisting with these arrangements.

    Updated Oct 16, 2019

    Harold I. Marquette Jr., 84, of Ovando, died Sunday, Oct. 6, at St. Patrick Hospital. Cremation is planned. Garden City Funeral Home is assisting with these arrangements.... Full story

  • RMDC to have extra food for seniors

    Updated Oct 16, 2019

    Rocky Mountain Development Council, Inc. (Rocky) will have supplemental foods available to Lincoln area senior citizens at the Lincoln Senior Center on Wednesday, Nov. 6 from 12:30 to 1 p.m. Foods are shelf stable and consist of canned fruit, vegetables, meats, juice, cereals, milk, cheese, and peanut butter. Persons 60 years and older qualify by meeting income requirements and by being a state of Montana resident. For further information or questions, call Rocky at 447-1680 or visit

  • Letter: Prayers for Pepe & a question

    Updated Oct 16, 2019

    To the Editor, to Pepe! (Bob LeDeau) All of our prayers are with you. I am writing today about smoking and vaping! Been a smoker since I was 13 and I’m 65 now! Tried every method possible to quit with no success, longest I’ve ever made it was three months! Three years ago, a friend brought me an E-cigarette and charger and said try this! I tried it for about 36 hours and my LUNGS really reacted. My lungs got a heavy gurgling sounds, the sound you get when you have PNEUMONIA! So, I stopped immediately! Went back to my cig...

  • Op/Ed: Congress should approve USMCA Trade agreement

    Montana Sen. Mike Cuffe, R-Lincoln County PNWER President|Updated Oct 16, 2019

    As a state senator from a small Montana border town, I understand the need for strong economies both north and south of the international border. Approval of the new trilateral trade agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico will help stabilize our lives. Total value of trade across the border amounted to $673 Billion in 2017. Canada is the largest export market for the U.S. USMCA sets higher standards for Canada and Mexico, and it benefits US growers and consumer...

  • Deputy's Log Oct. 6 - Oct. 12

    Robert Rivera, Lewis and Clark County Sheriffs Office|Updated Oct 16, 2019

    Lewis and Clark County 911 Center received eighteen Calls for Service in the Lincoln area during the week of Oct. 6 through Oct. 12, 2019. Nine of those Calls for Service were traffic stops, one was a civil service, and a VIN inspection performed in and around the Lincoln area by deputies. One call for service generated a case report last week: An individual called the Sheriff's Office Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2019 at approximately 8:15 p.m. to report items were stolen out of their...

  • Dear Dietitian: Eating healthy

    Leanne McCrate, Featured columnist|Updated Oct 16, 2019

    Dear Dietitian, Please settle an argument between my wife and me. Our eleven-year-old son is about twenty pounds overweight. My wife, who has been thin all her life, wants to put him on a diet to get him on the right track. I am against the idea of a diet. What do you think? Concerned Dad Dear Dad, While your son may be overweight, it is wise to approach this problem with a lasting solution instead of a weight loss diet. For the main reason, a diet is likely to begin a yo-yo...

  • Lincoln Airport Foundation gets off the ground to support facility's future

    Roger Dey, BVD|Updated Oct 16, 2019

    With the activity at the Lincoln Airport this year, including construction of a new taxiway that will provide space for several more hangars, Lincoln Airport "guru" Jerry Cain felt the time was right to create a formal organization to assist the Montana Aeronautics Division with the upkeep of the facility. For several years, Cain has been coordinating events and maintenance at the airport and he said circumstances came together this spring, including the arrival of snow...

  • Volleyball team honors local cancer survivor

    Tammy Jordan|Updated Oct 16, 2019

    Lincoln School's Pink Week came to a close on Saturday, Oct. 12. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, students wore pink throughout the week, and athletes at Friday nights Volleyball game wore pink shirts, pink socks and had pink bows in their hair. Each year, the teams have a tradition to "Play for a Cure" and honor someone in the community who has been battling cancer. Last year, the team honored Bill Whittenberg, and this year they chose to honor Nancy Bickel, who is...

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